Ages 18-22

Transition Planning into Adulthood

Transition services are based on the individual student’s needs, taking into account his/her strengths, preferences, and interests. These services help young adults to live, work, participate in the community, and go on to further education or training as independently as possible when they leave high school.

Federal “Turning 22” Law
Transition services are defined by federal law (the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, or IDEA) as a “coordinated set of activities…designed to be within a results oriented process,…to facilitate the student’s movement from school to post-school activities.”

Massachusetts Resources:
MA Transition Planning Tool – Exceptional Lives

Educational Advocacy:

How to get Special Education Services Tool – Exceptional Lives

State Agencies:
Executive Office of Human & Health Services (EOHHS)

Additional Resources:

MassOptions – Free resource that links you to services that help you or a loved one live independently

Supported Decision Making,  Alternatives & Guardianship
Guardianship Tool – Exceptional Lives

Legal Support

Future Planning


Social Security
Social Security Tool – Exceptional Lives


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